Fanatec HQ is moving and we still need more people!

The company has expanded beyond the capacity of the current premises, so we’re moving our headquarters to a bigger location, still within our beautiful home town of Landshut, Bavaria.

This will happen on Friday, October 11th.

While the move has been planned to be as seamless as possible to minimise disruption, please excuse some small delays in communication with our sales and support departments during this time. Note that the Support Chat feature on the website could be affected on Friday and though the weekend due to the transfer of our network infrastructure.

The new HQ is bigger and leaves space for expansion. Perhaps it will be YOUR workplace. We already hired 40 more team members this year and we are still looking for electronic engineers and programmers, a PR manager or project managers for example.

We have about 30 new projects which wait for completion as we plan a massive product launch to expand our product portfolio in all directions. Stay tuned.


  • Good luck !!!
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    Great news! Congratulations on the continued growth. =D>
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    No Comment. At least your not being moved to Fukushima, that's where polphony digital moved. so cheer up team fanatec, he could of said Chernobyl, then it would be really hard to get to work and uniforms would be really expensive too.
  • Congratulations Fanatec for your good work.

    But, for god sake, gimme that 911 GT3 steering wheel!!! I need it!!!!! (of course, if doen'st have a value of one of my kidneys ahhahaahaha)

  • Nice to know business is going very well. Good luck with the movement to the new HQ. 
    And once you are settled in the new environment don't forget to celebrate with some good ice cold ones 
  • Weiterhin viel Erfolg.
  • I hope you'll open a new distribution point in Canada soon, Montreal would be the best place. So much money is spent in custom fees when buying in USA plus the conversion fees from USA to Canadian dollars. That makes your items overprice...! Good luck with your new installations.   
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    Moving? does that translate too Motion?..... System?.... LMAO!!!!! Good luck Guys.....  :D
  • Nice to know Fanatec is growing and looking forward to the new projects! Podium F1 wheel anyone? :D
  • I am available to test new Fanatec equipment for free or perhaps a small fee. ;) 
  • Congrats Fanatec Team... Cheers wishing you Continued Growth and Success.
  • This is indeed good news but I've been unable to log in and when I finally got in none of my purchases were listed.  Simply wanted to ask Tech Support a question.  Trying to be patient  because of the change over.  Guess I'll  check back later in the week and my request for assistance will have to wait.
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