PWTS 900° detection in FM3

We discovered a strange phenomenom with the wheel rotation.

FM3 works fine and detects the wheel as a 900° wheel if you have selected 900 in the SEN setting of the Tuning menu and if you start the Xbox console with the on/offf button on the console.

But in case you start the console by pressing the Xbox Guide Button on the wheel, the wheel detection of FM3 does not work properly and the wheel is recognized as 270° wheel. As the setting in the wheel is still 900 it will result in a very unsensitive wheel so you have to move the wheel a lot.

There are two ways to let FM3 go to the correct mode:

1. Turn the wheel off and on again

2. Change the SEN setting to 540 and back to 900

Please make sure you have the correct 900° mode activated because FM3 will work much better with it. Try it!

PS: In order to confuse you even more: If you start the game and in the Tuning menu you have selected anything other than 900, the game will detect the wheel as a 270° wheel. So if you select 540 the game will be even less sensitive than if you select the proper 900° mode. Got it?


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