PWTS Firmware 660 released - UPDATE 2

We just released a new frimware for the Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel.


Please note that we can only recommend that you install the firmware if you experience problems. Updating the firmware of any device is always a risk if the update is interrupted somehow. Therefore we cannot take responsibility if something goes wrong.


  • Improved precision around the center for some wheels (not all wheels were affected)

  • FF and SHO values adjustable in 10% steps

Please note that we recommend to update the RF dongle only if you have any problems. Try first to update only the wheel.



Please let me know your Windows system version here in this blog post in case you made the update with or without success.



If you have FF dropouts you must reduce the FF strength to 60. This is as strong as 100% in version 613. (Edit: This turned out to be false information)

We will release a new FW very soon to fix that.

I took off the 660 firmware in the meantime.


As we could not verify the issues with the new firmware I decided to upload ver 660 again. I also included the previous ver 614 so you can load the old FW as soon as you have issues and compare.

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