NEW: PWTS Ultimate Edition announced

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The production of the PWTS will end in April and the last units of the Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel will be available in a special offer which includes the PWTS Pure and the CSP at a special price of 399,90 EUR/USD.

The availabilit is limited, of course .

The owners of this version will get access to a special Firmware version which will have the following new features:

  • Adjustable steering axis linearity
  • Adjustable deadzone on steering axis
  • Adjust sensitivity settings in 10° steps
  • Min steering angle: 90°

The new FW is great for games (like GT5:P) which require a little deadzone. The adjustable linearity makes it possible to steer very precise around the center but get a quick reaction if you turn further. We will make this firmware public to existing PWTS owners at a later point.

This product is real ;)

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