Steering Wheel Survey

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We continue to develop new steering wheels and wheel rims for both the ClubSport and the CSL series and it is important to understand your preferences so we develop the right products for you.

Therefore I created this little wheel survey.

Please feel free to participate but only if you are a CSL or ClubSport Wheel Base owner.

Please also note that this is just a wish list and wheels which require a license need to be approved by this 3rd Party  first.

Wheel Survey
  1. How many CSL or CS steering wheels do you have?194 votes
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
    5. 5
    6. 6
    7. 7 or more
  2. How many Universal Hubs / Universal Hub for Xbox do you have?194 votes
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4 or more
  3. What steering wheel is your favourite?194 votes
    1. Formula / Formula Carbon
    2. BMW GT2
    3. Porsche 918 RSR
    4. P1
    5. Universal Hub / Universal hub for Xbox
  4. What steering wheel are you interested most?194 votes
    1. CSL Formula rim for around 100,- - 150,-
    2. Licensed F1 rim with display (tell us in the comments what make you prefer)
    3. Unlicensed F1 rim with display (neutral branding)
    4. CSL GT style rim with smaller diameter (28cm) and below 100,-
    5. revised Universal hub for Xbox One/PC with more control options (Joystick, extra paddles etc.)
    6. DTM style steering wheel
    7. sport car steering wheel (e.g. Porsche 911 or BMW M4)
    8. Universal Hub for PS4
    9. Other (Please mention in the comments)


  • Love my Forza rim. An F1 rim with xb1 compatibility would be nice. Only had one choice but obviously there are many hoping for a ps4 universal hub.  A non-hub rim, like my forza, but with buttons like the bmw, and xb1 or ps4 support would be nice.
  • The reason I got the Porsche 918 RSR rim was because it had the most features.  It had nothing to do with the Porsche logo. Thats why I voted for a universal hub with more features.
  • How about a new firmware for the CSWV2 Now that it doesn't work on PS4, an Xbox1 specific firmware with ACL reintroduced from the CSR Elite would be nice. Put some smiles back on some of your customers faces at least. Thanks in advance ;-)
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    I genuinely thought there was potential for a cheaper P1 style rim for PS4. I have to say though, the inclusion of the Universal Hub for PS4 sounds very intriguing... I will not be getting my hopes up that my CSW will be compatible as I know given previous comments it will not...

    Still upset.
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    Fahre die v2 mit F1 Lenkrad. Es ist schon ganz schön heftig1000 euro für ein Lenkrad mit Pedale auszugeben, aber das es auf einmal nicht mehr funktioniert bei der ps4 ist schon frech . So kann man sich keinen guten Namen machen . 2015 funktionierte es noch bei f1 und 2016 nicht mehr . Bodenlose Frechheit . Aber was Logitech mit dem g27 gemacht hat , will wohl Fanatec auch machen . So macht man Geld . Nur noch enttäuscht . Von wegen made in Germany. Lg M. Kalz
  • 1. PS4 Hub or Rim

    2. Unlicensed F1 rim with display (neutral branding) PC/XB1 

  • a universal hub that works for both X1 and PS4 would be even better :) . But thats wishfull thinking.. 
  • I've been clamoring for a unlicensed F1 rim for a few years. But quite frankly I'll buy them all so doesn't matter. :)
  • Marcell,

    das PS4 Thema wird hier diskutiert und ich bin auch sehr detailliert darauf eingegangen warum das so ist.

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    Ich wünsche mir das meine Hubs mit der PS4 Kompatible sind / bleiben konnte ja schon mit dem Universal Hub auf der PS 4 fahren z.b. Assetto Corsa nru eben nach dem Day One Patch nicht!
  • wouldnt mind a V8 Supercar rim for the Xbox/PC

    Also is it possable to encourage Xbox game developers to use the data part of the rims, such as forza, so i can have a my speed, revs, lap times and shift positions on the wheel rim like the real V8S
  • 1. PS4 Hub or Rim

    2. Unlicensed F1 rim with display (neutral branding) PC/XB1 

    Like he said and PS4 formula rim will be nice.
    Good work Thomas. May be we come visit your company in the future,If it's possible.
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    f1 rim for CSL with  xbox one compatibility

    Alcantara rim for CSL with  xbox one compatibility

    As posible ps4/pc compatibility please
  • I'd like to see what you could come up with for VR users.  I know muscle memory should make learning the button layouts on your existing wheels fairly intuitive and I'm not to bad with the 918 rim but I always struggle with the buttons at the bottom centre.  I don't have a clear vision of what I think a wheel designed for VR should look like but I do have a few thoughts on things I would like to see included.

    Button placement - ideally all buttons would be in reach of my thumbs while my hands are still in contact with the rim at the normal three and nine o'clock position.  I may have to shift my hand slightly to reach them but fingertips would still be in contact with the rim

    Button differentiation - Supply a number of embossed button caps covering all the commonly mapped functions and make them inter-changeable so the user can fit them to whichever button they want.  e.g. you might have the following buttons which the user would map in game to the control suggested having mounted the key cap where they see fit.  
    P - pit limiter
    R - radio
    D - DRS
    K - KERS
    W - wipers
    H - headlights
    F - flash lights
    N - nutral

    You get the idea.  The embossing would hopefully aid the unsighted VR user in confirming that they were about to push the button they wanted.

    Shifter differention  - similar to above to highlight upshift and downshift paddles.  You may be wondering why I would want this.  Sometimes after a crash or spin out it can take me a while to workout if I've got the wheels pointing straight, this would help with this.  It might also help when rallying where you can often have a lot of opposite lock on, of course a user could just get a set of the static clubsport shift paddles.

    I'm sure there loads more little touches that would help that I haven't thought of but thought I'd get the discussion going.
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    I love the CSR Elite Wheel. Could you do it compatible with Clubsport Base and CSL Elite Base?
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    I sincerely believe that HUBS are the way forward (had they not born rejected of course).
    A PS4HUB / XBOHUB means that this base "should" work with Scorpiio and Neo (and more can be added moving forward).

    This means Fanatec bases will last "generations" as only the HUB needs replacing/upgrading for new/next gen consoles. Leaving the old hub still fully compatible with PC and the last gen etc. The user can even swap out the rims, or buy more.

    This is by far the smartest move (imo) as it means people can heavily invest into the entire Eco system, wheels, pedals, shifters, etc etc etc! They will do this because they know that there base is "good to go" and will work for years to come on any console.

    Customers wont hesitate to buy more rims, upgrade products etc as they will no longer be forced to buy multiple bases, allowing them to have more disposable cash, time, space and therefore can begin really investing in a great setup. Many users buy a cheap wheel as they know it will be dead at the end of the console cycle. Therefore a large investment is not warranted. However.... Hubs change the entire Eco system and mean users can now go "ALL IN" and build up there fanatec products knowing for sure, that it's an investment that will last for years.

    I know I would prefer 1 high quality base with multiple supported hubs, than 2 seperate bases, pedals (manufacturers) etc etc etc. Just to be able to play on 1 console. I would pay €349.99 for a PS4Hub just like I already have (4 times) for the XBO Hubs, but of course I can see why Sony would have rejected such an idea.

    Hopefully some kind of HUB is possible moving forward, or even a full PS4 Wheel like the P1. Either way, I'm looking forward to what Thomas has up his sleeve this time :smiley:
  • P1 rim with upgraded materials for the CSW.  P1 rim is excellent diamater and weight, so would be nice to have an option like that with alcantera or high quality leather wheel wrap and proper quick release like the Formula/BMW wheels. 
  • Bei Frage 2 fehlt aus meiner Sicht die Auswahl 0. Habe nur die CSW2 ohne extra Universal-Hub. Musste bei der Frage nun die 1 angeben, da man sonst gar nicht abstimmen kann.
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    I'd like a 911 GT3 RS (2016) model in alcantara with rev lights and functional buttons on the wheel... it is just awesome!!!!!!

  • I would like so much a real Formula One Rim. This kind of steering wheel is used now everywhere (Openwheels, DTM, new GT cars, WEC, ...). So it's very useful like my current Formula Rim.

    We need something with a cool design, but mainly something very useful. That means :

    • 2 paddles for the gearbox
    • 2 paddles for the clutch
    • Why not 2 other more paddles for a custom use.
    • Nice buttons and customizable (with different colors and all indications like "Pit Limit", "Pit Confirm", "Neutral", "Flash", "Radio", "DRS", ...).
    • 2 or 3 encoders (for the "Traction Control", "Display", or even for the "MGU-K System").
    • Big screen with a complete software (like Z1 Dashboard)
    • Several RPM LEDs (+ additional LEDs for flags, DRS, KERS or other information)
    • Carbon fiber plate for a cool and realistic design

     It's not necessary to have a real license (I don't want to pay so much just for a license but I admit if it's a replica it's awesome to see).  You just need to make it real. I don't want to pay for a steering wheel with Xbox buttons or PS4 buttons. That's ugly and unrealistic. Maybe it's possible to make also a PS4/Xbox version ? But on my side, I want something realistic.

     Make a product that nobody else (even other company) are able to make.  I'm sure a realistic Formula Rim can be a huge success for hardcore simracers. :)

  • To be honest I'd love to have a licensed MGP f1 wheel with all the settings etc... But as I'm playing on the X1 most of the buttons and the display would have no function. So that's why I'd prefer a non licensed cheeper version of the f1 rim.
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    A licensed F1 rim would be awesome. Maybe one of the mgp ones. But it should be xbox compatible wich will not be possible I guess, especially everything that could be shown at the display. An unlicensed F1 rim would be the cheaper choice, but an intetesting one. Maybe I would go for a dedicated f1 rim without a display for xone. The biggest problem I see right now is that we are not able to use all our wheel buttons on xone. Any news concerning this subject?
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    Of course I would want a PS4 hub (if there is licensing issues with sony etc). Most logical solution for CSW v2 users. At this point in time It is becoming more practicality issue then money (The Idea of switching bases for platforms).

    Not having the posibility to use other rims I have is a bummer but It is better then buying a new base.
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    I think an upgraded X1 hub has no use, because of the X1 button protocol...we already have 6 buttons on it we can't use. Also the rev lights that are not supported by the X1 makes every wheel/rim not come to its full waste of time imho. Also, because $ony threw the PS proposition back at your face without explanation also held me back to vote for that one...although it is the fastest and easiest way out to please your customers. I'd opt for a fully licensed CSW V2 compatible Nissan GTR 35 rim, like the BMW and Porsche rim...2 joysticks and the whole shebang. Ofcourse opted with one eye looking at the "support" for GT Academy. Maybe that will melt the Yakuza into making the CSW compatible ? ;)
  • Not easy to choose only one rim. Because i would like to use the CSW again for PS4 i would like to have a hub for it. But also i would like to have a F1 rim with display (as a Ferrari fan i would take this brand) for PC and PS4. 
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    I would ONLY like a universal Hub for PS4 if it makes the CSW v2 compatible to PS4.

    People Read that Question Carefully before you end up with just a PS4 Hub for the Native support PS4 base Fanatec is Going to make!!!
  • Can you please make a universal hub for PS4, Xbox One and PC.
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    The only thing I can vote for is a PS4 Universal Hub for the CSW v2 base.  Like many others here, I pulled the trigger on the CSW v2 because I (apparently due to my own stupidity) was under the impression this would work on my PS4.  Which it does. Just on nothing after PCARS going forward.  

    Not complaining, just explaining.
  • A PS4 wheel for my clubsport base, please !!! 
  • A dedicated Universal Hub for PS4 would fit very nicely in the existing product range and it will gurantee that future technical changes in the console market would still be supported by the CSWv2.

    The question is whether Sony would allow Fanatec to offer something like that as an official licensed product.
    If I understand Thomas' posts concerning the licensing issues with Sony correctly, a ps4 uni hub seems to be unlikely and from what I know about sony/console periphels, a ps4 branded wheel base may be the product we may see in the future. (the XONE hub was a pleasant surprise though!!! )

    But this is a thread about our rim wish list, so every option is possible. 
  • Other!

    Fanatec, please make a Rim with WRC stile shift paddle.

    Pull for gear up and Push for gear down. :)
  • I'd like to see an F1 rim that can be used on the XB1.  I want to buy the carbon formula for the PC, but I don't really play much on the PC so I'm not sure it's worth the $249.99.  Looks amazing though.  I'm not interested in some bolt on for the hub either, I would prefer a stand alone wheel that works with the XB1.

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    A replica F1 rim would be great 8->
    Working paddle clutch, dials buttons and switches would be very impressive.

    A Fanatec branded one would be fine for me :)

    Ohh that reminds me, I just started going through my pics of the German F1 GP, so while its not my best image (by any stretch of the imagination) heres one just for fun. Resized for the web, click for larger preview)


    2347 x 902 - 352K
  • DTM, F1 and Sport cars are disciplines that require specific wheels, Would be great to have the maximum variety for all them tastes And the current rings continue working with ps4 please The steering wheel of the porsche 919 "hybrid are can tell that is a steering wheel perfect." has all what is need in a steering wheel of careers, the display with them data and the position of all those buttons is perfect. A work of art worthy of a replica yours. And information: Regards.
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    Even knowing there is already a formula wheel for sell in the store, a budget formula wheel for the CSL i think would be a good option, plus an alcantara Rally/GT steering wheel in a lower price point, cause how you look now, the formula rim is about 75% of the CSL base and the BMW rim is almost the price of the CSL base, excluding the hub available that is even at a higher price point.

    So in summary:

     - Cheaper Formula Rim for the CSL
     - Cheaper Alcantara Rally/GT option for the CSL

    I my opinion, while being a real car copy is a nice feature, if not having to it means a lower price point im up for it.
    Besides, look at the formula wheel made already by fanatec, looks really nice. So i trust them to go with a nice design hehe.

    Just a side note, the shifter paddles (CSL P1), try to improve the feeling on the shifter paddles, i would like to feels the gear shift more, and more positive click, not by sound but by feeling.
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    I would like a small and light GT/GT3 Rim like the BMW Rim but not so heavy and little bit smaller diameter like 300mm-310mm

    I also like Classic Car Racing Rims but i think the market is not big enough for that. But possible it will be grow up with the New GT Legends Title.  :)

    GT Rim Example 


  • A wheel for csw v2 to be compatibile with ps4
  •  Clio cup or  leon cup or similar Rim compatib. with boths platforms, like this:

  •  Clio cup or  leon cup or similar Rim compatib. with boths platforms, like this:

    Wow, i do like that, feels spot on, maybe some extra buttons to be able to tweak the settings etc, but that seems a nice alternative, plus it would feel right on the GT's and for rally i think hehe
  • Please, please, please make a universal hub for PS4. It's the only thing missing from all my sim racing gear.
  • image
    Etwas in diese Richtung wäre schon nett. Nur die Konsolen-Besitzer hätten wohl nicht viel von dem Display. 
  • I would like a hub for the playstation if it has more joysticks and features than the xbox one hub, otherways I would prefer a rim like the BMW or the PORSCHE because they have two joysticks, encoder and a lot of buttons. Don't care if it's a licensed rim or not if it gets cheaper for that reason, as long as it is the same build quality as the BMW and PORSCHE rims,  but only if it makes the csw base v2 completely compatible to playstation.......
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    Etwas in diese Richtung wäre schon nett. Nur die Konsolen-Besitzer hätten wohl nicht viel von dem Display. 
    This is exactly what i would choose IF a PS4HUB (for the CSWv2) is off the books.

    A replica F1 Rim would be very good indeed (with built in display). The current F1 rims are great, but something like that ^^ would be incredibly immersive and involving.

    Speaking of F1 ;)
    Heres another pic from the German F1GP that I took of a Bull running past (again not my best, resized for web, click for larger preview)


    1652 x 750 - 217K
  • image
    Etwas in diese Richtung wäre schon nett. Nur die Konsolen-Besitzer hätten wohl nicht viel von dem Display. 
    This is exactly what i would choose IF a PS4HUB (for the CSWv2) is off the books.

    A replica F1 Rim would be very good indeed (with built in display). The current F1 rims are great, but something like that ^^ would be incredibly immersive and involving.

    Speaking of F1 ;)
    Heres another pic from the German F1GP that I took of a Bull running past (again not my best, resized for web, click for larger preview)


    Exactly my choice, if supported by consoles. Would prefer it on PS4 since the PS4 is more open, more options with the button layout/choices. But if something like this would become available on the XB1 and working it's a sure buy. 

    Point of interest is how depending we are on implementation of all the nice features by the game devs. A nice and fancy wheel is one thing, but if it's not supported by the games, what's the use.
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    An official Audi or Audi sport steering wheel will be a dream for a fan !
    Like the R8 or the R8 LMS for exemple...


  • An official Audi or Audi sport steering wheel will be a dream for a fan !
    Like the R8 or the R8 LMS for exemple...


    Uh yes we definitely need one street car wheel without shift lights etc. Assetto Corsa has so many great street cars, something like that Audi R8 rim would be perfect to drive those street cars
  • Hello , and congratulations on your new wheel FANATEC I love a wheel like the Porsche 918 and formula 1 compatible with Xbox one and pc
  • I am perfectly happy with my Porsche 918 RSR and Formula carbon rims. I would like Fanatec to bring a DD wheelbase, with the same quick release, so I can keep using both of them... ;-) If a DTM style wheel reaches the shelves, I'd be happy to buy that too.
  • GT rim Porsche If is possible and in Alcântara of corse. The BMW GT2 Wheel is to heavy and big. Ps: (28cm) is small, 30cm is the right ting. Porsche GT3 rim Alcântara with 30cm for PS4/CSL is a perfect option. ( Lighter and smaller than a BMW GT2 rim) Later F1 rim it will be great too. :smiley:
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