Fanatec is hiring! Recommend someone and get a free DD1!

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Following another successful year of growth, Fanatec continues to expand quickly, and new positions have become available within the company as we look to build an even stronger team.

One of the key reasons why we can innovate and create great products is because our team has a passion for sim racing. This drive keeps the company full of fun and energy, and we want this culture to continue.

If you would like to turn your hobby into a career, please take a look at the jobs section of our site. We are looking for skilled and enthusiastic people to join the company, located in the beautiful Bavarian town of Landshut, expanding our R&D, marketing, and support departments.

Leave a comment and mention someone who wants to work with us; if we hire this person you will win a PODIUM Wheel Base DD1!

Please note: when sending in applications, it's important to mention who recommended you for the position. If the application is successful, the person who recommended you will receive a Podium Wheel Base DD1.

Only the first person who mentioned the name will get the reward. So hurry up!

1000 x 411 - 157K


  • I wish success to all candidates!
  • What you guys need is to hire a US customer support. Fanatec operates a business here in the US and has a good customer base but no way to contact whenever there is an issue. I had to wait several days for an email reply coming from Germany. Calling Germany is also a bad experience because of the time difference. From my experience, you guys have the worst customer support.
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