Please help us to find the right name for our new software package UPDATE Please Vote!

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We already announced that there will be a new software coming together with our Podium DD Wheel Bases and so far the project name is "Podium Software". 

This is just a working title and now we need a final name for it. Of course we already have some ideas but this community probably knows best how to call it.

The name should 
  • describe the functionality of the product or at least has some association
  • be independent of the product line as it will work with all Fanatec wheel bases
  • be innovative and unique
  • be short and memorable
This is what the software can do for you:
  • Synchronize the Tuning menu settings of the wheel base with your PC for unlimited amount of different setups
  • Save and load the optimal settings automatically as soon as you launch a game
  • Allows up to five settings per game so you can even fine tune your favourite cars
  • It reads out telemerty info from the game 
  • Show various info on the Tuning Dirsplay
  • Change the colour or style of your rev lights
  • Map functions like traction loss on the flag LEDs or vibration motors
  • Create customized force feedback effects
  • Share your setup with the community or easily get the best setups into your wheel base

Please write your suggestion in the comment field of this blog post.
We will pick our favourites and make a poll in a few days so you can vote for your favourite.

The winner gets a nice surprise and eternal glory.

UPDATE: Please vote on page 1
Thanks for the fantastic feedback and the sheer amount of creativity. Some of the suggestions made me love and there are plenty of good candidates. My team selected their favorites and we want to know your opinion as well.

New Name for "Podium Software"
  1. What is your favourite?264 votes
    1. RaceLab
    2. Fanaware
    3. FanaLab
    4. Tuning Lab
    5. Race Director
    6. RaceControl
    7. Control Center
    8. FanaTune
    9. TechLab
    10. F-Sync
    11. FineTune


  • Fanatec Polestar
    Fanatec Nucleus
    Fanatec Nexus
    Fanatec Substratum
  • Fanatec Drive-it
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    early toughts: 
    -Fanatec United Software
    -Fanatec your way software
    -Fanatec Race Master Software
    -Fanatec CCP software   (csl-clubspor-podium)
    -Fanatec competition software
    -Fanatec Triumph software
    -Fanatec Tuning Lab software
    -Fanatec race director software
    -Fanatec Race director

    THE BEST ---> FANATEC so exited to finally get my podium wheel DD1 delivered to my house software ;)

  • Fanatec Tune-it
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    First thought:

    - Fanatec Harmonizer
    - Fanatec Harmony
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    RaceKontrol Software
    Fanatec Tune Shop
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    Simple and short:

    Fanatec Tuning Suite -> FTS


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    Fanatec Force Control (FFC)
  • Fanatec Dynamic Ultimate Tuning Suite
  • Podium Software McSoftwareFace
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    "Podium Pass Software or Firmware Bundle"
    (DDRIVE Software) Direct Drive Recommended Intelligent Vehicle Engineering Software
    (FAST) Fanatec Advanced Software Tuning Utility
  • ACC - Advanced Control Center

    If this does not interfer with Asstto Corsa ;)


    FWCC - Fanatec Wheel Control Center
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    Fanatec Race Engineer
    Fanatec Setup Center
    Fanatec Pitbox
    Fanatec Tuneup System
    Fanatec Race Lab
    Fanatec Setup Software
    Fanatec Setup System
  • Fanatechnology Center

    Fanatec Engineering Hub

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    Fanatec Base Tuner
    Fanatec Base Optimization Tuner (F-BOT for short)
    Base Optimization System Software (B.O.S.S.)

  • The Lab
    That's cool. Maybe even "FanaLab" :-)
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    Fanatec intelligent control software, Fanatec unique control software (or fucs), lol.
  • Podium Buddy
    Podium Mate
    Podium Suit

  • Fanatec Optilap Application

    Fanatec Optilap Software

  • Element hub
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    Fanatec Hot Lab
    Fanatec Race Setup
    Fanatec Steering Rack
  • Fanatec PitCrew
    Fanatec Engineer
    Fanatec Dashboard
  • Fanatec MyProfile Manager
    Fanatec MyProfile Center
    Fanatec Profile Manager
    Fanatec Profile Center
  • Fanatune. 
    Fanalab is not bad, just close to Fanaleds for some accents.
    No abbreviations or confusions.
  • Fanaware 

    May mean just fanatec Software or something related to aware , i know unimaginative, but.... easy to memorize i guess >P
  • Race Spec.
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    First thought:

    - Fanatec Harmonizer
    - Fanatec Harmony
    Because I didn't want to edit above, quoting it instead, but sticking with these.

    Fanatec Harmonizer
    Sim racing hardware and software in perfect harmony.

    Harmonize:  Make consistent or compatible.
    Harmonizer: A mediator who brings one thing into harmonious agreement with another.
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    Fanatec Control Software (FCS)
    Fanatec Control System (FCS)
  • Fanatec Control Suite

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    FanATX    (Fanatec Advanced Technology Extended, Pronounced Fanatics, you get the idea...)

    BTW, I just received my Podium PS4 DD. The quality of the product is mind blowing. Nothing come close to this package for sure. Thank you Fanatec!

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    Podium Raceware
  • I like the optics of tying it to the engineering component of a race team, so something like: 

    Fanatec Engineering Bay 

    Fanatec Community Engineering

    Fanatec Team Engineering
  • Fanatec Performance Software.

    Racers Edge Software.

    New Box Logos
    Welcome,  New System,  Real-Feel By Design,  PODIUM For Advanced Simulation

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    Fanatec Feelings /Fanafeels

    Fanatec Sense  / FanaSense / Fanatec Sense-it 
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  • If it was just for podium, "Fanatec Champagne" would have been neat As it deals with setup: Fanatec (Race) Engineer Fanatec Wheeltune
  • Fanatec Circuit Center

    Fanatec Finish Line

    Fanatec Pole Position (Software) - Even better than a Podium :P

    These are my 3 thoughts. 

  • Fanatec Control Centre
    Fanatec hub
    Fanatec control suite
    Fanatec Drive sense

  • Fanatec force feedback, FFFB.
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    Double post, whoops.
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    “FANAPOSO, FANAPS, FAN-APS” Fanatec,Podium,Software. :))
  • Fanafeel Dashboard
    Fangeneer Dashboard
    Fanatec Race Control
    Fanatec Digital Engineer
    Podium Digital Engineer

    these are just off the top of my head lol I will think on it some more
  • FanaRev FanaBox FanaWorks
  • Fanatec  - Command & Control
    Fanatec  - Command & Control Software
    Fanatec  - Command & Control Centre
    Fanatec  - Command & Control Suite

  • "FWCS"  Fanatec wheel center setup

    "FWC" Fanatec wheel center

    "FDC"  Fanatec Drive center

  • I like "FanaWorks" Suggested by A.B Elawad .

  • "Fanatec Track Day" software, in keeping with the race/driving themes of "Clubsport" and "Podium."
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