Drift & Rallye Part I: ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles

Drifting and rallye driving demands other techniques than road track racing. The wheel spins faster and steering angles are much bigger.

If you don't want to get confused with shifting when your wheel rim is upside down, you need the ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles. They are also a popular choice in many sport cars like Ferrari.

But as you want to drive F1 games with the Formula rim as well, we made the Static Shifter Paddles with a quick release system so you can mount and unmount them within seconds.

The shifter paddle position can be adjusted in many ways to fit all wheel rim sizes. It is made of fine CNC machined and anodized aluminum and matches perfectly to your wheel base.

On the picture and video you see the optional carbon fiber version of the paddles. The default version is black metal.

Available this summer for 79,95 USD / Euro (excl. tax / incl. tax).


702 x 535 - 1M


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    Nice! Really need to upgrade to a CSW now. I think maybe the metal ones would be nicer, I preferred that option for the shifter paddles on my PWTS
  • really nice!
  • Part 2 a Clubsport Handbrake announcement? :)
  • Holy crap Fanatec didnt lose all its marbles after all. This is a reasonable price. I was expecting it to be €200 with the price of the recent rim announcements.
  • I like this a lot, put me down for one :)
  • Are this pedals working in 2 directions? On real old(2L) World Rallye Cars, they were shifting up by pulling and shifting down by pushing the pedal. ;)
  • Will it work with the CSR Elite base?? (The connection and the bolt seem to be compatible)
  • Very nice.  
  • Yes please ...
  • Frage: Was werden die Carbon Shifter Paddles extra kosten?
  • Where can I get the optional carbon paddles? They seem a lot longer to me.
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