ClubSport Wheel Rim Classic US
ClubSport Wheel Rim Classic US
ClubSport Wheel Rim Classic US
Series: ClubSport
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A classic experience

Finally the correct steering wheel for all the great classic cars you can drive. The rim itself has a small diameter which makes it feel much different.

Authentic and fine materials
Authentic and fine materials
The rim is made in polished and anodized Aluminum and covered in genuine leather. 
The diameter is 35 cm like in a real classic car.
Designed for Universal Hub
Designed for Universal Hub

This wheel rim is designed to perfectly match with your ClubSport Universal Hub. No need to drill any holes.

A classic experience
  • Aluminum wheel rim with a diameter of 35 cm
  • Genuine leather (smooth)
  • Weight: 840 g
  • ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub
  • ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub for Xbox One US
  • Platform compatibility (PC, Playstation, etc.): Please check the specifications of the used Universal Hub and the connected Wheel Base
Special Notes
  • ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal hub is NOT included and needed for operation
Packaging Details
  • Size (L x W x H) : 38.00cm x 39.00cm x 9.00cm
  • Weight: 1.76kg
  • Volume weight: 2.67kg
What's included
  • ​ClubSport Wheel Rim Classic
  • Silver metal hub cover 
  • Mounting screws