Forza Motorsport CSR Elite Wheel US
Forza Motorsport CSR Elite Wheel US

The CSR Elite Wheel is a real hi-tech product with loads of features. Please read the manual before using it or if you are facing any problems.

Please only use the latest driver (144 and newer) if you already installed the latest firmware (756+) on your wheel.

After installing the latest firmware (756+) on your wheel please also install the latest driver on your PC (177+).
After the wheel is powered on it does not have to stop completely in the center position. The calibration may be checked in the driver menu (recommended) or inside a game and it can be corrected directly on the wheel. You can find additional information in the manual.
Shifter problems
Please test if the cable has a problem by using the long pedal cable on the shifters. Make sure that the 7GS is calibrated properly (you find more details in the manual). Please check the function on a PC inside the driver Menu if possible.
F1 2011 (Xbox 360)
Please reduce the damper setting (dpr: -3) in the Tuning-Menu to ensure the best Force Feedback experience.
Racing rig or playseat compatibility

Please ask the producer of your favoured product if the Fanatec CSR/Porsche Wheels are compatible.

The wheel itself can be mounted using 4 standard M6 screws which may not reach further than 1,5cm inside the wheel base. Please tighten the screws gently and not too hard!

The RennSport Wheel Stand Shifter adapter could help you to mount the shifter wherever you want with normal M6 screws. We recommend to use the standard table clamp additionally to the screw fixation.
Measurements and weights:
  • Wheel - diameter: 30 cm
  • Wheel base - width and depth: 23 x 16 cm 
  • Pedals - width, height and depth: 35 x 15 x 27 cm 
  • Wheel - weight: ~ 6.5kg 
Drilling template - additional information:
  1. When printing the Drilling Template at home, please make sure that the print size is 100% (file size = print size). Therefore deactivate "automatic page scaling" in the print dialog for example.
  2. BEFORE drilling the holes, please check if the hole marks on your printed Drilling Template fits to the screw holes of your Porsche wheel. 
  3. Please note that the holes are not centered on the wheel.


Video Manual: