CSR Elite Pedals US
CSR Elite Pedals US
Driver (for PC)
The Fanatec wheel driver will also support the CSP V2. Please check and download the driver for your Fanatec wheel. If you do not have a Fanatec wheel please install the driver listed on the left side.
Please connect the CSR Elite Pedals either to the wheel by PS/2 cable or by USB. On consoles you will have to plug the pedals into the wheel.

The pressure sensitive load cell brake on the CSR Elites works completely different to all other pedals you might know. With the potentiometer besides the brake pedal, you can adjust how much pressure is needed to have full brake power in the software. You get used to the feeling very fast and soon you benefit from the advantages over “normal” brake sensors.

If you think your CSR Elites do not work like expected, please connect them by USB to a PC if possible and check the function this way. Please also check the cable connections. If there is a problem and you can identify it, we may be able to send you a spare part right away.
Drilling template - additional information:
  1. When printing the Drilling Template at home, please make sure that the print size is 100% (file size = print size). Therefore deactivate "automatic page scaling" in the print dialog for example.
  2. Before drilling the holes, please check if the hole marks on your printed Drilling Template fits to the screw holes of your CSR Elite Pedals. 
  3. Please note that the holes are not centered on the wheel.